"Fistek Glass" is a family company created in 1957 in Tarnów to produce high quality glass articles for the home and in any environment where glass is appreciated not only for its practical value but beauty and simplicity of form. Since the early days the company has constantly sought to improve and widen its range of quality glassware, and in the late seventies developed alongside its original products both table glass and engraved glass for those special occasions. With our foremost aim to develop quality and range of our products "Fistek Glass" participates in Art. And Craft Exhibitions both in Poland and abroad, and we have been awarded many prizes and medals for our exhibits. In 1985 Marek Fistek was personally awarded of title of "Master of Art and Craft" by the Minister of Art and Culture. Today we continue our family tradition and produce a wide range of decorative and utility glass in a whole spectrum of exciting colours and shades, using techniques, which include blown glass, handmade forms, pressed and moulded, painted and engraved. About 75% of "Fistek Glass" is exported to our European neighbours and North America.

Our company offers:

  • Wholesale contracts of competitive prices
  • Limited series contracts
  • Products designed to your specifications

Time of the order realisation depends on the amount, kind and colour of the products. We tray to realise orders as quick as possible if we have got the ware in the store or in 1-3 months time if we have to produce it.

After sending questions about the products You are interested in, we will be able to give detailed information about the products and the circumstances of further co-operation.

Our products are made of sodium glass. They can be both colorless and stained.
This is a manual production, this means that glass is formed manually and blown with mouth.

Finished products can be further decorated with use of various techniques such as:

  • Hand painting with gold and other paints,
  • Silkscreen, Decalcomania,
  • Sandblasting,
  • Ground-Glass Decoration,
  • Engraving,
  • Drilling,
  • Fussing,
  • Bonding of components glass – glass, glass – metal (UV glues
  • Vases,
  • Centerpieces, shells, bowls,
  • Wine Glasses, Cups,
  • Decanters,
  • Candlesticks, Candle Stands,
  • Oil Lamps,
  • Hanging Spheres, Garden Spheres,
  • Award Statuettes,
  • Lampshades,
  • other non standard glass elements.

We carry out wholesale orders that can be manufactured in short series.
Minimal order is 100-500 pieces, depending on product size.
Surpluses of the orders are sold in retail in our outlet store located next to our company headquarters
and in our the internet shop.

Together with price request we need:

  • a drawing (freehand is enough) or a picture with dimensions,
  • quantity,
  • decoration,
  • type of packing (collective, individual, cardboard grey, white).

Beside that:
We cooperate with the best glass manufacturers from poland what enriches our offer and creates opportunity
to find a product of requested quality at reasonable price for every customer.


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